After re-branding from TripActions, Navan wanted a bold Out-Of-Home campaign to re-launch their brand and create brand recognition across their markets in the US, UK, and EMEA territories.

In collaboration with FPP we designed a suite of bold, bright, and attention grabbing assets that were used to take over iconic business centers in NYC and London such as Grand Central Terminal and Waterloo station. Using a mix of still and motion assets, We crafted a multi-character story messaged uniquely to each segment of the business world that could use Navan from CEO to Travel Manager to Road Warrior Salesperson. This use of character was specifically crafted to stand out from Navan’s competitors who’s marketing was largely illustrated or text-only; we brought Navan to life through real human storytelling with a heightened visual flair.

Komunion was brought on to help conceptualize & design all  digita, print & motion graphics. The campaign was launched simultaneous to an online paid media campaign that combined generated millions of impressions for the brand and has since become it’s visual calling card.

3D Modeling, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Print Design, Strategy, Motion & Animation.


Studio, Full Picture Productions, Pascal Kouwenhoven,  Mariah Morin, Chris Correa, Luke Georgiou, Kasey Lim, Mariah Morin, Mike Sutphin,  Sam Nixxon,  

Mike Sutphin,  Sam Nixon,