The Saucery by Raos Homemade


Dera Lee Productions hired us to help them introduce Rao’s Homemade® products, even NEW limited edition items in the bustling area of SoHo, NYC during April 2022. The Saucery was Rao’s Homemade® first ever pop-up marketplace inspired by their own Italian farm to jar story exclusive to 50 media and influencers and 600 consumers who were lucky to get a reservation. Fun fact: The Saucery by Rao's Homemade™ sold out in two hours!

Upon entering, guests immediately were transported to an Italian herb garden learning about how the Rao's Homemade® team prepares and plants seeds in the mineral rich soil of Mount Vesuvius and Southern Italy to jarring the sauce for their loyal customers. While taking Instagram worthy images in the herb garden, guests were offered plum seeds of their own to grow and given original Rao's Homemade® recipes to cook at home.

Then when entering the marketplace, visitors were handed a free branded "Let's Get Saucy" tote bag and guests enjoyed delicious Rao’s Homemade® sauces and Italian wine pairings along with samples of specialty cocktails made with Rao's Homemade® sauces, limited edition products and pastas, customizing their own Rao’s Homemade® sauce jar and the opportunity to purchase all products at a 15% discount where all proceeds go to the charity Jersey Cares. The success of this “saucy” pop-up experience brought new visitors converting them into Rao’s Homemade® experts but more importantly into new customers.


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